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New Tool Crafting Notification

How to order a custom tool

Distinct from the mainstream tool market, Hillview Wood & Metal operates uniquely. We meticulously craft each tool type in small batches from our Upstate NY home shop. As a new tool creation nears, we offer a limited-time opportunity to order via a secret webpage.


These exclusive releases often sell out within an hour — so staying informed is your key to securing a custom-crafted tool.

Notify me when a tool batch is coming!

We'll be in touch!  (and we respect your privacy)

The custom tool process

You have plenty of time to think about your tool's design!
All you need to do when you reserve your tool is: 

  1. Choose what kind/size tool you want 

  2. Place your deposit 


In a few days you'll get an easy-to-use form in your email.  Grab that and design your custom tool!

  • Size (depending on the tool)

  • Body Material (Brass? Stainless Steel? Heat blackened Steel?)

  • Inlay material (Walnut? Purpleheart? Your own custom material?)

  • Custom Logo - Give a gift or create a shop heirloom to hand down

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